NanotechItaly 2012

Conference topics

The leading themes of the conference will be:


Advanced materials for improved use of resources

Industrial manufacturing, processes and production; multifunctional, lightweight materials; multisector sustainable solutions

Surface technologies, CNT, grafene, nanodiamonds and other carbon based nanomaterials; nanocomposites; nanoporous materials and aereogels; nano-cyristalline metals, metal oxides; nanofibers; nanometrology, etc.

Health Care

Improving the lifelong health and wellbeing of all

In vitro and in vivo diagnostics; therapeutics and theranostic; personalised medicine; biostructures, regenerative medicine; biosensors; etc.

Intelligent and connected world

Developing next generation nanodevices and nanosystems

Nanoelectronics, organic electronics; magneto-electronics; storage and memory devices, MEMS/NEMS, nanophotonics, nano-robotics; etc.

Energy and environment

Greener products and processes for a sustainable development

Energy storage, saving, conversion and production; (environmental) sensing; water treatment and purification, site remediation, etc.

Made in Italy

Nanotechnology to support national leading hedge sectors, reshape traditional productions, preserve the cultural heritage

Conservation of cultural heritage; safety & quality of food and other bio-based products; textiles, fashion & luxury goods; mechatronics, etc.

Safety, ethics and societal impacts

Risk management; nanotoxicology; regulation & standards, etc.